Are you a working mom, home keeper, or even living on your own? Do you love the idea of high protein foods but just can’t seem to keep up with it daily? How would you like the idea of having your dream meal freshly prepared and delivered to your doorstep? As the year runs by we know you as well as other homes desire a healthy eating lifestyle.

We also understand the stress and time limitations that restrict you from preparing and enjoying that perfect protein meal you love along with different mixes. Well, this is for you, as you say a hearty goodbye to eating quick fixes just to get to work and school on time.

Here at healthy and fresh meal prep services Orange county CA, we are committed to preparing and delivering freshly prepared meals.  Also, our high protein meal prep service offers a variety of food mixes for your better healthy diet.

Performance Protein Meal Plan

When you talk about protein and its health benefits, the list goes on forever. Introducing a handsome amount of protein in your everyday diet helps to build your body muscles. It also produces enzymes and hormones, as well as, helps maintain your bones, hair, nails, and blood.

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recommends protein consumption for adults with an average activity level and weight to consume 49g (men) and 56g (women).

Our high protein meal prep service is available round the clock to provide you with just the right amount of protein-rich diets. You could also spice up your mealtime with our various mix and match offers ranging from 10 to 15 protein mixed dishes.

We understand you always want the best when it comes to keeping fit. That’s why our performance meals serve as a perfect match to after-work-out dieting. Our meals include 500-600 Cal per meal just right for you if you are looking to bulk up.

Benefits of Eating Protein Performance Meals

There are so many benefits that come from eating foods rich in protein. That’s why we offer a high protein meal prep service, our options allow you to make the best pick according to these benefits.

  • Protein helps repair, build, and maintain tissues.
  • Protein helps to boost your immune system and lessen the risk of diabetes.
  • Protein diets help reduce hunger, enabling you to eat lesser calories.
  • Protein is beneficial for metabolic health and weight loss.
  • Protein helps you increase strength and muscle mass.
  • Protein provides better bone health and reduces the risk of fractures and osteoporosis in old age.
  • Protein helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Protein helps to lower heart disease risk factors.

When you talk about taking the proper protein amount in your everyday diet, it’s no hidden secret that time is a huge limitation. The everyday rush hours are saturated with lots of fast foods which make it difficult to have a decent diet for the day’s energy.

That’s why here at healthy and fresh, we offer high protein meal prep service to our customers who aim to get their meal routines just right.


Eating right, living right! These and more are everyone’s dream as the days pass by. However, living in the reality of our world doesn’t give us such luxury of time and energy to achieve that. Now that’s what we are here for. We take away your worry and stress for a healthy diet with our numerous meal services with our high protein meal prep service amongst others.